Who Refers?

Please know that we are still accepting referrals during this time of crisis with COVID-19. We are sending all tangeble gifts directly to the recipients from the vendor rather than gift wrapping them ourselves. Due to all of the closures, our experience gifts are limited but possible if the venue is open. We can alternatively come up with ideas for when things begin to open up again. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

A close friend, family member, parent/guardian, or child him/herself may fill out the form.

Who is Eligible?

For children 18 years of age and younger across the United States who have lost a sibling in any way. 

Only one gift per child per loss.

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What to Expect

  1. Fill out the referral form. You will become the liaison between us and the family.

  2. We will create different options of either an experience or gift for you to review for the child. Parents (either one or two) are included in the experiences if and when appropriate.

  3. After approval, we will move forward with planning/scheduling all event/gift details. Turnaround time for gift deliveries ranges depending on the item(s). Some items ship quickly while other events may be planned months in advance.

  4. You will relay the plans to the family for them to participate.

  5. Afterwards, follow up with us on how it went.

Our Goals

  1. To fulfill our mission statement, making the bereaved child feel loved, special, and not forgotten during this difficult time.

  2. To not communicate with the family directly unless at the request of the liaison.

  3. To seamlessly create a special experience for the child without causing additional stress on the family during this already difficult time.

cofounders son at 3 years old meeting his heo Bumblebee from the transformers at universal studios hollywood

The co-founders' son, 3, meeting his hero, Bumblebee from the Transformers: Robots in Disguise. at Universal Studios, Hollywood.