Refer a Bereaved Child

We realize that not all bereaved children are affected by sibling loss. Some children lose parents, cousins, friends, grandparents, and the list goes on. In an effort to reach this group, we have a team of volunteers prepare care packages for these children annually. If you would like us to send out a care package to a child you know,

please submit a request below.

Care Package reommende for chidren 12 and under. Pictured is the worry eater stuffy, photo album, biodegradable balloon, magnetic blocks, chocolate M&Ms

Recommended for Children 12 and Under*

Worry Eater Stuffy, Photo Album, Biodegradable Balloon, Magnetic Blocks, Journal, Stickers, Play Doh, Chocolate, Charlie's Guys Sticker, and 

Hand-written Notes

Care Package reommended for chidren 13 and older. Pictured is the slippers, travel mug, photo album, biodegradable balloon, Charlie's Guys sticker and chocolate M&Ms

Recommended for Children 13 and Older

Slippers, Mug, Photo Album, Biodegradable Balloon, Chocolate, Charlie's Guys Sticker, Journal, and

Hand-written Notes

The annual preparation of these care packages qualifies for the Points of Light Reward Program.

*Please note that there are some items in this package (such as the balloon, string, and Worry Eater), that are not suitable for children under 3. For children under 3, please remove those items and give to them later.

**Colors and styles may vary in packages.


***Packages are sent out monthly to referrals.