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Refer a Bereaved Child

Gifts for children who have lost a parent or grandparent in their lifetime.

Only one gift per child total regardless of the number of losses they experience.

We are currently running a wait list and will ship out the gifts as funds become available.

project lightwell partner

Charlie's Guys x Project Lightwell

Donations directly to Project Lightwell to continue to support Charlie's Guys can be made here.

To avoid the waitlist, Project Lightwell has partnered with us and to date has gifted to 145 children with their Loved No Matter What rabbits. This is nearly $7500 worth of funding (with shipping)!


Bereaved children who have lost a parent and are referred to our organization can choose between receiving a unique gift from Charlie's Guys OR a Project Lightwell Rabbit.


At Project Lightwell every $40 gift puts a friend with a lasting message into the arms of a child who is sick, sad, or separated.


PL reminds children Who they are, no matter Where they are or What is happening around them:


You are Amazing, Made Brave, and Loved No matter what.


The child who knows this, becomes the adult who is kind, confident, and whole. We see a future generation who projects light well!

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