Pen Pal Program

Our pen pal program is modeled off the Liberty Love's Pen Pal Program and is designed for children 18 and younger who have lost a sibling, relative or close friend in any way. We think it's important for children to not feel alone on their grief journey and one way to not feel alone is to not walk it alone with their peers. 

All pen pals will receive a starter pack. Children will be matched with a pen pal based on their gender, age, loss, and other similarities. We ask for a commitment of at least one letter per month for six months to ensure a positive experience and connection. 

All information provided to our organization will remain confidential between us and the pen pal group. Children who have been referred to our organization are eligible for the program. If your child has not been referred to the program but wants to connect with a pen pal please contact us directly. Additionally, if your child has lost a sibling to DIPG, please refer them through the Liberty Love's program above.