Gift Guide for Bereaved Children

We've put together this gift resource page for those who want to purchase a gift of their own for a family/child dealing with loss or trauma. Below are some ideas of gifts you can purchase to let them know you are thinking about them.

(Hint: Many of these are gifts the founders' kids received

and they are all still relevant and memorable.)

Worry Eaters - stuffed animals that "eat" your worries and open up conversation about them

Fabric Photo Album - put photos of siblings so kids can have easy access to them

Personalized Picture Memory Album - fill-in-the-blank "favorites" for siblings to fill out to remember and cherish (this an be done through Shutterfly or any custom photo album source)  

Memorial Plaque - dedicate a plaque at a place the kids frequent so they can be reminded of their sibling when they go

Molly Bear - order a bear that is the weight of their special sibling so they can be comforted by their weight. Molly Bears may only be ordered by the parents. To gift a weighted bear, visit this Etsy shop or others like it. If a loved one outweighs the capacity of a bear, a weighted blanket or a weighted pillow is another option.

Daddy Dolls - custom print dolls of your loved one with voice recording so every time they hug the doll, they hear their loved one's voice

Laurel Box - a collection of comforting gifts from prayer shawls to wind chimes

Memory Bear - order a bear made out of an outfit their sibling once wore (hint: you can repurchase an outfit so the parent doesn't have to part with their child's clothing or use a blanket instead of an outfit)

Jewelry - necklaces,  bracelets, leather bracelets, rubber bracelets, and rings with a loved one's name or initials

Art - drawings, paintings, sculptures of loved ones; framed art of encouraging words

Memory Quilt - make a quilt from a loved one's clothes

Clothed Stuffy - clothe a stuffy in their sibling's old clothes (hint: you can use newborn or 3 month clothing if you don't want to shrink/cut an outfit)

Biodegradable Balloons - An angel mama's shop - earth friendly balloons that you can send in the sky in memory of a loved one.

Memory Pillow - Create a pillow out of a favorite shirt or clothing article. Patches and other items sold also for more immediate shipping.

Slumberkins - a stuffy, book, and affirmation cards; a collaboration with the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families

Blue Egg Arts - This Etsy greeting card shop will donate 20% of the proceeds from your purchase to Charlie's Guys if you mention "Charlie's Guys" at checkout.

Memory Jar - a place to store handwritten memories

biodegradable balloon image

Shop Presentlee - An angel mama's shop from jewelry to t-shirts to journals, and more (hint: these items are all so beautiful)

Compassion Packages - Household essentials that keep people from having to run to the store in the midst of their grief. 

Sculptures/Figurines - Willow Tree and other companies/sculptors can make gift beautiful pieces 

Koa's Hands - Families can refer another to Koa's Hands, which makes hand molds of the parent(s) holding their child (under 18 years old) for the newly bereaved.

Sharing Solace - an angel mama's shop with bereavement gifts, personalized gifts, token tree and more