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Gift Guide for Bereaved Children

We've put together this gift resource page for those who want to purchase a gift of their own for a family/child dealing with loss or trauma. Below are some ideas of gifts you can purchase to let them know you are thinking about them.

(Many of these are gifts the founders' kids received

and they are all still relevant and memorable.)

Worry Eaters - stuffed animals that "eat" your worries and open up conversation about them

worry eater stuffy image
fabric photo album picture

Fabric Photo Album - put photos of siblings so kids can have easy access to them

Personalized Picture Memory Album - fill-in-the-blank "favorites" for siblings to fill out to remember and cherish (this an be done through Shutterfly or any custom photo album source)  

memory plaque image
personalized picture memory album picture

Memorial Plaque - dedicate a plaque at a place the kids frequent so they can be reminded of their sibling when they go

Molly Bear - order a bear that is the weight of their special sibling so they can be comforted by their weight. Molly Bears may only be ordered by the parents. To gift a weighted bear, visit this Etsy shop or others like it. If a loved one outweighs the capacity of a bear, a weighted blanket or a weighted pillow is another option.

molly bear image
memory bear image

Memory Bear - order a bear made out of an outfit their sibling once wore (hint: you can repurchase an outfit so the parent doesn't have to part with their child's clothing or use a blanket instead of an outfit)

Daddy Dolls - custom print dolls of your loved one with voice recording so every time they hug the doll, they hear their loved one's voice

daddy doll image
jewelry image

Laurel Box - a collection of comforting gifts from prayer shawls to wind chimes

Jewelry - necklaces,  bracelets, leather bracelets, rubber bracelets, and rings with a loved one's name or initials

wind chime image
art image of charle and his brother

Art - drawings, paintings, sculptures of loved ones; framed art of encouraging words

Memory Quilt - make a quilt from a loved one's clothes

memory quilt image
clothed stuffy image

Clothed Stuffy - clothe a stuffy in their sibling's old clothes (hint: you can use newborn or 3 month clothing if you don't want to shrink/cut an outfit)

Biodegradable Balloons - An angel mama's shop - earth friendly balloons that you can send in the sky in memory of a loved one.

pendant image from Presentlee store
biodegradable balloon image

Shop Presentlee - An angel mama's shop from jewelry to t-shirts to journals, and more (hint: these items are all so beautiful)

Memory Pillow - Create a pillow out of a favorite shirt or clothing article. Patches and other items sold also for more immediate shipping.

memory pillow image
compassion packages image

Compassion Packages - Household essentials that keep people from having to run to the store in the midst of their grief. 

Slumberkins - a stuffy, book, and affirmation cards; a collaboration with the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families

sculpture image of charlie and his brother
slumberkins package image

Sculptures/Figurines - Willow Tree and other companies/sculptors can make gift beautiful pieces 

Blue Egg Arts - This Etsy greeting card shop will donate 20% of the proceeds from your purchase to Charlie's Guys if you mention "Charlie's Guys" at checkout.

card gift
picture of koa's hands with his parents in a bronze sculpture

Memory Jar - a place to store handwritten memories

another gift

Koa's Hands - Families can refer another to Koa's Hands, which makes hand molds of the parent(s) holding their child (under 18 years old) for the newly bereaved.


Sharing Solace - an angel mama's shop with bereavement gifts, personalized gifts, token tree and more 

Owlet Sleep Sock - The Knox Blocks Foundation will provide 2 Owlet socks to families in need when you donate $300 to purchase your own Owlet sock either for your child or as a gift for someone else's child.

Knox blocks foundation logo

Cradling Memories - providing perinatal families anticipating a Iimited life or experiencing a loss with resources to make a lifetime of memories. Care packages and other resources available.

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