NICU/PICU Siblings

Having a sibling(s) in the NICU/PICU (neonatal/pediatric intensive care unit) is difficult for many reasons. Often times a sibling with a brother or sister in the NICU/PICU is not allowed to visit or meet their sibling until they come home (weeks or months later). Their parents have to juggle between being at home with their older child(ren) and being in the hospital with their child.


We want to recognize these children who have to wait patiently for their sibling to come home from the NICU/PICU. We will send these referrals a physical gift to help occupy them and let them know that they are loved during this difficult time.

Children are only eligible to be

referred one time and must reside in the United States.


Pictured here are the founders of Charlie's Guys bringing home their daughter from the NICU to meet her older siblings.